We contributed to the Radio Futura session about utopian ideas for the future with A World in the form of a radio broadcast to listen to in your own room with a view to the outside. Listen to 3 hours of contributions (A World starts at 2:33):

A World at Radio Futura

or here:

Frascati Radio Futura

We are opening the new season with a spectacular new performance in collaboration with the Sun:

Aurora: A Choreography for the Sun and the Earth

The performance is a dramatic choreography of forces, a duet featuring the Sun and the Earth. It started on Monday with the first of the two powerful blasts of radiation from the centre of the Sun, followed by a second on Wednesday. The performance will culminate tonight, as the blasts collide with the Earth's protective magnetic shield. The performance features a colourful celestial choreography of these forces on our night sky as the blasts envelop and embrace the Earth.

Aurora: A Choreography for the Sun and the Earth opens tonight, 12 September 2014 simultaneously worldwide in a number of countries further North and South on the globe. We are happy to be able to present the performance as far down south as the Netherlands where we are based, especially for the occasion of the season opening.

Aurora: A Choreography for the Sun and the Earth is an immersive durational spectacle for two celestial bodies and an observer that deals with the questions of drama, control, authorship, personal responsibility and engagement in space-wide events.

This is the third performance in the series of collaborations with the night sky titled Further Investigations Into Choreography, part of the larger cycle of collaborations with the weather titled Telling Future.

To view the trailer click here 

Entrance fee: free

Viewing instructions:
The performance is visible to the naked eye.
Best viewed outside of populated areas, in complete darkness.
Once there, look North (on the northern hemisphere) or South (the southern hemisphere) and low down on the horizon. The performance has a faint and slow beginning.

We would like to apologize for the possible power and communications disruptions the performance might cause.

Find a location near you:
If you live on the northern hemisphere click here

 If you live on the southern hemisphere click here
For more information for the Netherlands click here

Concept and choreography: Andrea Božić in collaboration with the Sun, the Earth and the weather
Dramaturgy: Julia Willms
Produced by: Tilt

For more information about the other projects in collaboration with the weather and the night sky, click here

Happy new season!


We are proud and happy to present the WE LIVE HERE: Mapping Spaces, 2014 edition. As in the previous three editions, WE LIVE HERE will once again be gathering together a temporary community of professionals from the performing arts, visual arts and beyond, offering a space for encounters – a space to work and think together.


Opportunities for reflection and experimentation are rare in the current climate of efficiency and market-driven economics, but ever since our first academy in 2011 we have been creating an alternative platform for artistic encounters, providing space and time to exchange, work and think together. Now it’s 2014 and in recent months we have found ourselves, and the independent scene as a whole, strengthened by many political changes that have caused a shift towards official recognition of the independently operating artist by Amsterdam’s political establishment. Partly in response to these ongoing developments we have decided to focus this year’s WE LIVE HERE on mapping the city, connecting places and activities, exploring ways of engaging with each other’s artistic activities and strengthening links between them.


The summer academy takes a slightly different form each year, shaped as it is by our interest in artistic exchange and our active response to the political situation, both inside and outside the field. This year we are inviting a small number of artists and makers for a continuous working session, during which we’ll regularly open our doors to interested visitors. The approximately twenty participants will spend four days together, exchanging models of working together, visiting locations in the city that provide alternative ways of living and working and participating in unexpected encounters and conversations which will surely happen in the “in-between” spaces.


Click here for the full programme: http://www.we-live-here.com/


WE LIVE HERE is an initiative of Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Bozic and the 2014 edition is produced by NBprojects in collaboration with Tilt and the Performance Arts in Transition research group (AHK), and co-curated by Inge Koks. We are linked to Julidans Festival and supported by Studio DOK, the Performing Arts Fund (FPK) and the Amsterdam Arts Fund (AFK).


Andrea Bozic wrote a text titled Transmission about the process of working on the cover of Rainer's Trio A, at the invitation of Sandra Noeth and the team of the Tanzquartier Wien, where we performed After Trio A as part of the SOLO? Festival, The Body and its Doubles. It is published in the March issue of Theater der Zeit in German. The English version of the text will be published on this website soon.

A festival of similarities and differences

Three Amsterdam-based choreographers Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božić and Keren Levi are organising the interdisciplinary festival COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast on 15, 16 and 17 May 2014. We have lived and worked in Amsterdam for many years and have come together increasingly to create space for exchange and reflection through art. This is the first time we present our work together. The three-day festival takes place at the Frascati Theatre and the Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

At the festival COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast, we present our works alongside each other and invite the audience to experience the multiple perspectives in a single context. In the space between the three performances –  their similarities, shared fascinations and differences – a fourth performance will come into being: a Zeigeist performance the audience is invited to discover themselves.

The festival presents three performances Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary) by Andrea Božić, Robert Pravda and Julia Willms | Tilt, The Dry Piece by Keren Levi | Neverlike and 4: STILL LIFE by Nicole Beutler | NBprojects & Theater Malpertuis and an elaborate further programme:

Thursday 15 May

20:00 – 21:00 4: STILL LIFE Frascati 1
21:30 – 22:30 INTERGALACTIC EXPO zaal, DE Brakke Grond
23:00 – 24:00 Paper ensemble Frascati 3

Continuous: Installation “A World” at Frascati 3 and The Smallest Sound At The Biggest Distance by Robert Pravda | Tilt

Friday 16 May

19:00 – 19:30 LOOKING THAT YOU LOOK, an introduction by Andrea Božić Frascati 3
20:00 – 21:00 INTERGALACTIC EXPO zaal, Brakke Grond
21:30 – 22:30 DRY PIECE Frascati 1
22:30 – 01:00 Party with DJ Alec Smart Frascati 3

Continuous: Installation “A World” Frascati 3 and The Smallest Sound At The Biggest Distance Robert Pravda, Tilt

Saturday 17 May

18:00 – 18:45 Talk with the makers Frascati 3
19:00 – 20:00 soup and bread (for 3 euro) Frascati café
20:00 – 21:00 THE DRY PIECE Frascati 1
21:30 – 22:30 4: STILL LIFE Frascati 1
23:00 – 23:30 No | me concert Frascati 3

Continuous: Installation “A World” Frascati 3 and The Smallest Sound, the Biggest Distance Robert Pravda, Tilt

Click here to have a look at the Beauty, Bauhaus and the Beast trailer!


We are going back to Zagreb. For the second time, Andrea Bozic and Julia Willms are leading a creative lab withing the framework of SPAZIO – A European network for dance creation 15.-22.02.2014 @ Zagreb Dance Centre, Zagreb, Croatia. Within the framework, we also perform Intergalactic on 21 and 22 February.


SPAZIO is a European formation and creation program for young dance makers, focused on the interdisciplinary character of the dance discipline. It offers young makers a one year cycle of 5 residencies in all partner countries.


During the residencies the SPAZIO participants follow workshops, lectures, discussions, are coached in creative processes and are challenged to create new work based on these experiences. At the same time the project opens up this network of artists and art works to the local communities of the partners.


The residency in Zagreb will focus on the topic of “Dance and Interaction with New Technologies” and will also include a creative lab led by BADco.


SPAZIO is co-organized by: ICKAmsterdam – Amsterdam, the Netherlands; CSC DanceHouse – Bassano del Grappa, Italy; Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance – Zagreb, Croatia; Art Stations Foundation – Poznan, Poland.


We are happy to be featured in the first edition of De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender 2014 with our contribution for the 1st of May, the International Workers' Day:

A World With No Time.

The calendar is a great gift, with works by 365 artists, designers, photographers and architects.
For more information about the calendar and to order, click here

A World is a manifesto by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | Tilt. The manifesto is an artwork and the artwork is a generator. For more information and to read A World, click here

We have been back in studio for a month rehearsing Intergalactic again in Amsterdam. Next week, we are rounding up the rehearsals at wpZimmer in Antwerpen before the performances at the Possible Futures Festival at Vooruit, Ghent and the NEXT Festival, Armentieres. Besides Intergalactic, we are presenting A World in different formats on various occassions. Click here for the dates and come by!

This week, 8-13 July 2013, We Live Here: AnAcademy.

With the contributions, working sessions, presentations, discussions and an excursion into 'hinterland' by BADco, DD Dorvillier, Robert Pravda, Bojana Cvejic and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Frederik Le Roy, Jefta van Dinther, Bertha Bermudez, Holger Nickisch.



The Avant-Garde Never Gives Up at A World, a solo exhibition by Julia Willms in collaboration with Andrea Božić at Galerie Obrist, Essen.

29 June – 24 August, 2013

Opening reception on 28 June 2013, 19 h