From 8-10 October 2012 I am giving a workshop around the idea of 'cover' at the University College Falmouth Choreography Department (former Dartington). We will start from After Trio A and talk and work around the questions of transfer of knowledge and covering of principles.

I am working with Ivana Muller on her project We Are Still Watching, a performance in the form of a “reading rehearsal” in which spectators encounter each other while together reading a script that has been written especially for them. Concept & text: Ivana Müller in collaboration with Andrea Bozic, David Weber-Krebs & Jonas Rutgeerts


Its is a part of the Encounters - a mini-festival in which Ivana Müller joins forces with a number of artists, theoreticians and performers inviting spectators to a 3-day long journey into a collective rethinking of the roles we play and positions we take both in and out of the theatre


27, 28 and 29 November 2012 Theater Frascati, Amsterdam



Since September 2012, I have been working with the Amsterdam Master of Choreography as mentor and with DasArts where I have been advisor to students for the past few years and now I am taking over the artistic follow up of the students. Looking forward to the exchange with a bunch of inspiring people attending and running these places.

Julia Willms and me and are re-working the Avant-Garde Never Gives Up project especially for the exhibition '1917' at the Centre Pompidou Metz. We ask two painters, Elise Franck and Vivien Roussel to paint a painting from 1917 they have never seen by listening to art historian Claire Lahuerta describe it live. This performance takes place live on the 9th of June 2012 from 11 am.