Still Life With Man And Woman

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Still Life With Man And Woman is an absurdist suspense thriller based on one existential question: what is going on? Based on a scene from Michelangelo Antonioni’s film ‘Blow Up’

A film set within a live performance with uninvited apparitions, imaginary friends and some real people: a man and a woman. One follows the other but they never manage to end up in the same space. Instead, the space develops a life of its own. They try to figure out what is going on but the rules are out of order. It is not even certain if the other is there at all. They try to work out a story but it constantly evades them: they can never tell if they are telling it or if they are being told.

A performance about love, ghosts and rain dancing.

Still Life With Man And Woman, 2006




Andrea Božić (concept, choreography) in collaboration with Julia Willms (video, animation), Aimar Pérez Galí / Diego Gil and Sarah Vanhee / Adva Zakai (dance), Robert Pravda (sound), Bram de Sutter (dramaturgy), Paul Schimmel (light, technique), Peter Budwilowitz, Jeroen Glas (set and light design), Anna van Kooij (photo)

Still Life With Man And Woman is produced by Theater Gasthuis (Amsterdam) and the Plateaux Festival, Mousonturm (Frankfurt). The performance is made possible by the financial support of the VSB Fonds. Supported by the PACT Zollverein Choreographic Centre in Essen and the Dansateliers Rotterdam.