WE LIVE HERE 2017: poetics of the imaginary

The summer academy WE LIVE HERE is a platform for artistic encounters initiated by Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Božić. As in previous editions we invite professionals active in different fields of the performing and visual arts to join this temporary community. With WE LIVE HERE we want to keep creating space to come together, to encounter, to work and think together beyond the scope of individual projects or production agendas.

The summer academy takes on a slightly different shape each year. For this edition we invited Mala Kline again to set up a study room where we will together explore emergent language or ways to articulate knowledge that emerges from embodied practices.

Instead of using given forms such as academic writing, we will look at what are other ways of articulation and emerging formats of writing that make more sense and are closer to knowledge gained through artistic research. The hexagon shape of the honeycomb emerges due to the material conditions of wax and surface tension. What then is a singular form of writing that emerges from the materiality of every of our singular embodied practices?

We will be exploring these questions through a combination of communal dreaming and reading sessions, a visit to the Ritman Library of hermetic books and the Black Heritage Tour of Amsterdam, visiting a performance at Julidans. The public programme features guest presentations by Mala Kline and Sarah van Lamsweerde who will address these questions from their own artistic practice and the screening of the visual essay Spirit Labour by Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield who follow the creative practice of sculptor and performance artist Janine Antoni: her collaborations and conversations with the choreographer Anna Halprin and the writer Hélène Cixous.

More information: http://www.nbprojects.nl/welivehere/