The past years have seen an increased discussion on the political in the performing arts, not least since the Belgian political scientist Chantal Mouffe wrote about a new type of artist-activist, the so-called artivist. According to Mouffe, the actions of the artivists dissolve the fixed distinction between art and politics, and interventions in public space replace distanced critique.

the lab seeks to critically examine this proposition. To this end, internationally operating, politically active artists will present their approaches based on their own documented actions and discuss questions related to the political in art. The art-activist John Jordan (labofii) meets the artist Rima Najdi, and the dramaturge Ivana Ivković meets choreographer Andrea Božić. Hosted by Jan Deck.

Research lab


Andrea Božić (HR/NL) choreographer
Jan Deck (DE) director, dramaturge, curator 
Ivana Ivković (RS) dramaturge
John Jordan (UK) art-activist
Rima Najdi (LB/DE) artist


We have made a special version of The Cube for the Hekmanfoyer, Stadschouwburg Utrecht for its Dutch premiere at the SPRING Festival. The work is on show 19-28 May 2016, from 14.00-00.00.


Within the framework of SPRING, we are giving a workshop for the HKU Master of Scenography on 25-26 May and presenting Undoing What We Know attention exercise within Spring Academy (performed by Guido Jansen).


More info:

The first appearance of Spectra takes place as a solo exhibition by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms at the Vienna Art Foundation - Kunstraum am Schauplatz.

Opening: 6 November 2015, 19.00
Duration: 6-27 November 2015  

Finnissage: 27 November 2015, 19.00

Spectra is a long term project by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT. It engages with the space it appears in as an organism and part of the artwork. It is a space of a particular attention. The Vienna appearance is one of its first manifestations in a series. For the occasion, we make the space of the Kunstraum am Schauplatz into Spectra: a space where we do not know yet where we are. The Vienna appearance is a collaboration with the location, the nature and the night sky based on the principle of migration. Spectra is an exercise in attention: a trajectory of spaces where the inside is outside is inside. Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather.

Especially for the occasion, Andrea made a new performance in collaboration with the night sky: Fireworks

Spectra: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather consists of the constellation of works that are both individual works and create a greater whole together:

The Cube (audio-visual installation, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms, 2015)

Through the Looking Glasses (audio-visual installation, Andrea Božić, Julia Willms, Robert Pravda, 2010)

I Am No Thing (mirror installation, Julia Willms, 2015)

The Passanger (Construction for a passageway, audio-walk, Andrea Božić, 2015)

Fireworks (performance in collaboration with the night sky, Andrea Božić, 2015)

Undoing What We Know (live performance, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms, 2015) performed at the opening

Spectra is a continuation of Willms and Božić’s ongoing research into the effects of attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and distribution of authorship. The work reorganizes perception combining conceptual with sensorial and physical in paradoxical relations. All works are parts of larger constellations and are a cosmology in the making.

summary : 
Spectra: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather consists of the constellation of works that are both individual works and create a greater whole together


A World by Andrea Bozic and Julia Willms and The Smallest Sound At The Biggest Distance by Robert Pravda are now on sale (for a friendly price) at the Stedlijk Museum bookshop (Buchhandlung Walther König), Amsterdam. Both works are part of the Intergalactic Constellation.

A three day festival with performance makers from Amsterdam

26 - 28 november 2015 | Frascati, Amsterdam

Following COME TOGETHER: Beauty, Bauhaus & The Beast in 2014, performance makers Andrea Božić, Keren Levi and Nicole Beutler now initiate a second festival edition in the spirit of BAU - a platform for dance and performance and curated in collaboration with Lara Staal | Frascati. In collaboration with BAU, Frascati and Veem House for Performance, the Amsterdam’s interdisciplinary scene takes center stage.

From November 26 to 28, the Amsterdam performance makers will gather in Frascati to present a crossing-borders programme with dance, performance, mime, theater, music, visual art and film. COME TOGETHER #2 is an opportunity to experience all these disciplines in one context.

The festival features a range of familiar to upcoming names such as Orion Maxted, Louis van Haverbeke, Oneka von Schrader, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Alice Pons & Olivia Reschovsky, Oskar van der Kruis, Jochem van Tol, Andrea Božić & Julia Willms & Robert Pravda | Tilt with Vinny Jones, Keren Levi/Neverlike and Nicole Beutler/NBprojects.

Andrea Božić and Julia Willms are taking part with Spectra Lab nr. 3, a research into light with light artist Vinny Jones. The lab presentation takes palce on 26 November 2015 at 18.00 in Frascati 2 and the entrance is free.

For the full programme click here

COME TOGETHER #2 is a production of NBprojects, Neverlike, TILT, BAU, Veem House for Performance and Frascati.

The summer academy WE LIVE HERE marks its fifth anniversary! The platform for artistic encounters initiated by Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hogenboom and Andrea Bozic marks its fifth anniversary! WE LIVE HERE 2015 provides residencies for four different Lab’s of artists and thinkers, offering them a possibility to develop and deepen their ideas with the participating practitioners. Next to the different Lab’s there will be HOW DO YOU WORK? conversations with artists present in Julidans, and lectures and presentations open to the public.

One: Strongly driven by a need to keep exploring the boundaries between disciplines and challenge the fixed models of art production, we have invited TILT (choreographer Andrea Božić, visual artist Julia Willms & sound artist Robert Pravda) and their guests to research their interest in space from in-disciplinary perspectives working on SPECTRA – the world as an artwork.

Two: To stimulate exchange, we propose the laboratory WE WORK HERE in which artists from different backgrounds will share their work(practice) and ideas for the future, hosted by choreographer Nicole Beutler and theorist/dramaturge Konstantina Georgelou (ArtEZ, Utrecht University).

Three: The work session DRAMATURGY AT WORK, which can be seen as a follow up/continuation of WE WORK HERE, is an initiative by Konstantina Georgelou, choreographer/lecturer Efrosini Protopapa (Roehampton University) and performance-maker/dramaturge Danae Theodoridou (Groningen University) that will deal with developing and sharing artistic practices: on the creation of working frames in dramaturgical processes.

Four: Interested in the exchanges between performance, mediation and publics, theatre scholar and artist Pedro Manuel, communication designer Barbara Alves and curator Inge Koks designed the work session THE QUALITY OF PARTICIPATION, investigating alternative forms of publicness, mediation and locality, by imagining ways to invite the unknown in.

Next to the different Lab’s there will be plenty of moments open for public: HOW DO YOU WORK conversations and presentations with directors Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens, cultural programmer Radna Rumping (Non-fiction), art historian Michael van Hoogenhuyze, performance scholar Joe Kelleher (Roehampton University) and an open session of the lab DRAMATURGY AT WORK..

Furthermore, WE LIVE HERE participants lunch and dine together and visit several performances in Julidans and Over het IJ Festival.

Next to the different Lab’s there will be plenty of moments open for public: HOW DO YOU WORK conversations and presentations with directors Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens, cultural programmer Radna Rumping (Non-fiction), art historian Michael van Hoogenhuyze, performance scholar Joe Kelleher (Roehampton University) and an open session of the lab DRAMATURGY AT WORK. More information and the full programme:

WE LIVE HERE is an initiative of Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Bozic and the 2015 edition is produced by NBprojects in collaboration with Tilt and the Performance Arts in Transition research group (de Theaterschool). We are linked to Julidans Festival and supported by Studio DOK, the Performing Arts Fund (FPK) and the Amsterdam Arts Fund (AFK).


A special viewing in Amsterdam in partnership with 'ARE YOU ALIVE OR NOT? Looking at ART through the lens of THEATRE' organised by the Studium Generale Rietveld Academie at de Brakke Grond, within the frame of the day curated by David Weber Krebs: On Enclosed Spaces and Great Outdoors. Hosted by Julia Willms. For more information and full programme, click here

For more information about the performance click here or follow the event on FB here.

For the 20th of March, the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern, I have prepared a special spectacle titled Day for Night (Total Eclipse of Equinox Sun). The piece features a total eclipse of the Sun that will turn day into night at the moment of the same length of day and night in the whole world. The eclipse of the sun will interrupt this equilibrium of light and darkness.

The performance is a once in a 500 000 years event.

Day for Night is the fourth performance in the series of my collaborations with the night sky titled: Night Sky: Further Investigations Into Choreography, part of the larger cycle of collaborations with the weather titled Telling Future. For this dance, three celestial bodies will align in a straight line. The full blood-red Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily disrupting the coming of the light.

The premium seats for the performance are at the North Pole. As the sun rises at the horizon for the first time after six months of darkness at the North Pole, the Moon covers the Sun and day becomes night again.

The performance will affect all our senses: the temperature falls, insects and birds stop making sounds, the tides get more extreme and the landscape changes dramatically in only a few moments. We are in the Moon’s shadow and we see the Moon’s dark side. Dreams and secrets emerge in the dark.

Seats for the performance in the Moon’s shadow are unlimited but visibility depends on your area. Seats are available with up to 90% degrees of visibility in North Africa, Europe, western Asia, the Pacific, East Asia, Iceland and Greenland. The Netherlands, where we are based, will enjoy the spectacular 87% visibility.

For seats distribution, viewing instructions, trailer and more information:

Enjoy the reboot!

We are making a white box version of Intergalactic.

Join us for An Intergalactic Evening With Tilt: Undoing What We Know

10 and 11 April 2015 at 20.00


Gen Bothastraat 7E, 5642 NJ Eindhoven

After touring the performance Intergalactic through a number of black box theatre spaces internationally, in April we are working on the white cube version of the performance in Eindhoven. We are taking the white whole cube space as artwork. We are happy to have Kasper van der Horst working with us for the white cube version of Intergalactic.

The evening will include a trajectory of the whole Intergalactic constellation:

Performance Intergalactic (An Attempt to Overcome the Binary)
Manifesto A World
A composition for the global orchestra The Smallest Sound at the Biggest Distance

And afterwards, a talk and drinks!


Dear friends

We wish you a great 2015 with lots of love and inspiration.
In this season of fresh beginnings, resolutions and future projections, we would like to contribute with an artwork: a 10-minute meditation for your own room with a view to the outside.

1. Find a quiet room with a view to the outside, preferably to a street or another populated public space.
2. Make yourself comfortable and reserve 10 minutes of uninterrupted time for the session.
3. Click on the link below to play A World.
4. Listen to A World either on your headphones or directly from your device.
5. As you listen, look at the world outside of your window.

6.. You can repeat the procedure at different places of your choice and as often as you like.
7. Click HERE to play A World now.

For more information about A World, click: A World

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Andrea, Julia and Robert | Tilt